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Vous ne branchez pas votre smartphone correctement : voici comment le charger

You’re not connecting your smartphone correctly: here’s how to charge it

news devices You’re not connecting your smartphone correctly: here’s how to charge it

Today’s smartphones no longer have easily replaceable batteries. So this is the component that will lose performance the fastest. Maintaining your battery properly means keeping your smartphone for a long time.

Single shipment or multiple charges?

This is an often asked question, do you really need to charge it multiple times a day instead of one big charge? The answer is a bit mixed, and it will depend on your usage.

Definitely the worst way to recharge it is to wait until it reaches zero percent. It will force the battery to take more charge and work harder. It is also not recommended to charge it to 100%. for the same reason. The ions need more energy to fill the battery when it is empty, as well as when it is nearly full. This is also the reason why most smartphone manufacturers offer recharge time from 0 to 80%.. In fact, it can almost double in the case of a very fast charge.

Thus, the ideal option is to charge your smartphone in the 30-80% range. So you prefer small loads between these two values, rather than a huge large load. This can double or even triple the reduction in battery degradation. So it is better to arm yourself with patience and not need complete independence. Since it’s already basic, your smartphone with 100% battery is not using the full capacity. We imagine in most cases it swings 90%. This is for the same purpose as battery conservation.

The charger is an essential component

You can imagine that the materials used to charge your phone are important. The golden rule is to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Ideally, it is best to use the included charger or the version sold by the brand with smartphone compatibility. Just because the charger is charging doesn’t mean it is charging well. Yes the sentence is not the simplest, but it sums up the problem of batteries.

If we do not want to use the supplied charger to use a more powerful charger and do not want to use the branded charger, it is possible. To do this, look at the manufacturer’s recommendations in terms of power or characteristics of the official fast charger. It will be necessary to look at the voltage, which will be at 5 V, as well as the current, which often starts at at least 1 A. Always choose a charger from a well-known and reputable brand.

Another factor to consider is the environment in which you charge your phone. Heat is a real hindrance to properly charging the battery. Especially since the simple fact of plugging in your smartphone will make it overheat. Result: never cover it and leave it outdoors is very important. Especially since in addition to damaging the battery, it can happen that the battery overheats and catches fire. So it is highly not recommended to keep your smartphone charging under your pillow.

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