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Do you give importance to the number of updates of your smartphone? – frandroid

Smartphone manufacturers are increasingly emphasizing the number of years of phone updates. But, to you, does it really matter? This is our poll question for this week.

If you are reading a file the examsYou should know that we like to be as tough as possible. The goal is to avoid unpleasant surprises when buying a technical product. There is a point that appears more and more in our reviews smart phonesMonitor software, as this is sometimes required Smartphone life.

You should know that not all models are in the same boat on this earth. Some manufacturers like Samsung It tends to deliver four years of updates now, while most high-end smartphones hover around three years of major updates. Entry-level and mid-range tend to support two generations of Android.

The importance of updating

Aside from that here, my editors Frandroid We don’t live in an airtight bubble, we regularly realize that what may be a priority in our eyes is not necessarily the case for all smartphone users. Of course, many of our relatives and friends are not really interested in the question of how long software will support phones. Which sometimes leads us to wonder if this question is really as important as we want to think.

On the other hand, our job as we envision it is to advise you as much as possible during your purchases. However, in our view, when a manufacturer is unable to deliver more than two years of Android updates on a premium phone, this is an issue that we must highlight.

Do you give importance to the number of updates of your smartphone?

For all these reasons, we look forward to hearing your report on this thorny question as part of this week’s poll.


Do you give importance to the number of updates of your smartphone?

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As always, feel free to tell us your choice in the comments. We will publish the results of this survey at the end of the week, along with the comments that are most relevant to us. Good week!

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