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This 2016 Ferrari 458 Italia Coupe crashed into a light pole

Watch the Ferrari 458 Italia Coupe Crash Into a Light Pole – MotorBiscuit

Australian man smashed his car Ferrari 458 Italia Coupe while driving on Sunday. On the Princess Highway in St Peters, the Ferrari supercar exceeded the 24 mph speed limit by an astonishing amount. Fortunately, this was not a file Ferrari fatal accidentbut it still does a lot of damage to the supercar.

The red Ferrari 458 Italia Coupe hit a power shaft

Ferrari 458 Italia Coupe crashes into a light shaft | YouTube via 7NEWS Australia

In the video from 7News Australia, you can see the red Ferrari hitting a lamppost at high speed. The 458 bounced off the lamppost and turned around before it came to a stop. The passenger could be heard complaining of pain in his legs, and the driver had a head injury.

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