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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Nopon Register Shillshill Screenshot

Xenoblade 3 Nopon Register: Locations, Stones & More – Nintendo Insider

in early time Xenoblade Chronicles 3 you will meet shilchel In the Hillside Verones Temple Rest in the Aetia area, a conversation that will activate a file Nopon . record standard quest.

Challenge you to locate 19 Nobun caravan scattered around soft monolith‘s Nintendo Switch An exclusive JRPG, it is no surprise that you are told that “you can take your time with this game.”

You’ll find most of these Nopon caravanserais from story development and a natural curiosity to explore your surroundings, but we’ve listed their locations below:

Nobun name region Site
shilchel Aetia area, complete Hillside Verones Temple
Kikino Furness area, complete Bennel Cave Camp or Lake Rezzento Camp. Kikinu moves around the Fornis area, so check out any resting place.
positions Aetia area, complete Forward Post Camp
chirollo Furness area, complete verones desert temple
memo Furness area, complete Lane Nidor camp
get used to it Furness area, complete Silas Terrace Camp
red red Furness area, complete Tableland Ferronis Hulk
Zuka Pentelas area, Kamel Cebu camp ruins
Plan Aetia area, complete Battleskar Veronese Temple
yoghurt Pentelas area, Kamel Cascade of Veronese Temple
roll over Pentelas area, Kamel Old Way Camp
barrow Pentelas area, Kamel Ingardo Pass Camp
note Pentelas area, Kamel clifftop veroney hulk
carry Keves Castle – Sera Coral Reef Hovering Reef 2 Camp
Stupid Cadencia District, Kamel Atoll of Veronese Temple
they do not care Cadencia District, Kamel Corn Island Camp
sensation Cadencia District, Kamel Sandbar Ferronis Hulk
Ruggyscruggy Agnus Castle area Prison Camp (after completing the Lost Stones side quest) or Death Gate
Selfie Cadencia District, Kamel Inlet Camp
warm Aetia District, Upper Cang camp

Upon completion, Chilshill will explain to you that the purpose of each stone is to determine the relationship that Nobun’s caravan will have with humans, saying, “It’s a good test for Nobun caravans about how to deal with humans. Shillshill test every now and then. Red keeps a distance. Blue is the status quo.” .yellow is for harmony.”

There is a Nopon caravan that will run into people who have lost their stones and therefore instructs you to get them back so you can choose the color yourself. I did not find this choice to be particularly important. In the end, my results were six red stones, six yellow stones, and seven blue stones, and Shilshel noticed that she did not notice any change in the relationships between Nobun’s caravanserais and humans.

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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is now available in retail and digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch devices worldwide.

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