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Why you might want to delay phone purchases in August and September – Pickr – Pickr

If it’s hard to believe it’s approaching the middle of the year, you’re not the only one, but if you’re buying a new phone, August and September can have a bit of waiting times.

It can be very difficult to keep up with the pace of technology. Always changing with frequent updates, upgrades and updates, staying up to date is often betting on when to buy something and when to wait.

Take PCs: While there are usually regular changes when laptops go through major updates, they are often based on the major shows that happen with them. Pre-COVID, this often happens around Computex in Taiwan, but with so many shows popping up online because of all the hype that happened during the early years of the pandemic, these shows were less common, and tech releases just happened.

Whereas before you could wait for the new Intel series of chips in the middle of the yearThese days it can appear at the beginning of the year, or even in the months scattered around it. And it’s entirely possible that as the world begins to find its new definition of regular releases, computer chip releases will revert to their regularly scheduled coms for the middle of the year, which also brings us to another area: phones.

Phone releases are usually year-round, similar to headphones, which usually don’t have a specific period in which you can see a group of those releases. But while new phones will appear almost every month, you can more or less time for some brands and their high-end phones for the latter half of the year, which peaks in August and September, with October for a few more days.

Basically, if you know when a brand normally releases its phones, you might want to hold off until the new model arrives.

What usually happens to phones in August?

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 review

If you’re a Samsung fan, August is usually the time we’ve seen new models from Samsung’s high-end crowd, with an eye on the Galaxy Z’s foldability.

The high-end non-foldable phones are the Galaxy S, while the foldable phones are the Galaxy Z, and they arrive at different times of the year.

If you don’t want a foldable device, the Galaxy S will come out between February and March, while if you want a foldable device – like Galaxy Z Fold 3 tablet or The most compact Galaxy Z Flip 3 – August is usually the time frame you can expect, As we have seen in past years.

Simply put, if you’re thinking of buying a new Samsung in July, or even a few days after August, you might want to wait, as that could bring prices down every other phone, while also giving you a new foldable device to look forward to as well.

What usually happens to phones in September?

Different camera bumps: iPhone 12 Pro Max (left) vs. iPhone 13 Pro Max (right)

It’s a similar situation for iPhone enthusiasts and customers in September, because as the months get closer to September, the chances of a new iPhone on the cards increase.

That’s what we’ve seen fairly regularly, with an iPhone announced for release in September, and a release soon after. In 2021 was the iPhone 13 range and In 2019, the range of iPhone 11. The iPhone 12 appeared in October 2021but you got the point.

According to this logic, it is likely that September 2022 will reveal the range of the iPhone 14, and September 2023 will see the iPhone 15, or maybe even October.

For folks waiting for the next flagship iPhone, that means if you’re thinking about buying an iPhone in August or the early days of September, you might just want to wait, because a new model is probably about to happen, and possibly an Apple Watch update as well.

What usually happens to phones in October?

We rolled out October in this roundup of releases for a good reason, too: Google.

If you are looking forward to the next Pixel phone, Google usually runs its own Pixel ads in OctoberSo it’s a similar story for your next potential phone, too.

Is it worth waiting to buy a new phone?

As to whether it is worth waiting to buy the new phone instead of the current one, your needs will be met.

If your phone is not in good condition and is broken, holding out until the next model appears may not be your best bet. If you need a new phone now, there is nothing wrong with buying now.

But if you’re keen on spending on the latest and greatest, here it is So, very close To see it show up, waiting those few days or weeks to see the new model can make you feel better about your purchase, as well as give you some new features as well.

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