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Extrait de la série Chloe sur Prime Video

Found Chloe’s series, a thriller that fell down the drain and yet… – Presse-citron

There are serials on everyone’s lips, from which it is impossible to escape. Sometimes this is a good thing but it tends to annoy more than one. So much so that the desire to discover the famous program can be cut off as was the case with squid game. On the other hand, other series don’t have much visibility. However it is very unfortunate. renal It belongs to this second category.

reserved to Prime videowith very limited contact around it unlike boys and others Summer when you became beautifulAnd the renal Yet he has all the power to cause sparks. So, we decided to fix it all in this article. If you like suspenseful thrillers, you are in for a treat. We give you 3 reasons to discover it renal.

A conspiracy that takes us by the throat

renal It highlights the worst social networks. Yes, in the age when the latter is exhilarating and where everyone wants to show that he lives “His best life”We must not forget their hypocrisy. As they say, appearances are deceiving sometimes. It’s good for that That the BeReal app was born.

So be it. in renalBecky Green seems to be addicted to appearances and loves to pretend she’s not. The moments that allow him to get out of his rather sad everyday life, stuck with his mother, a victim of early dementia and some old trauma, are chained to strange, pitiful jobs. It’s all good to break down at a fancy party and fool people. Nothing really bad but that says a lot about Becky’s fragile personality.

In addition, the young woman loves to spend time on social networks, especially on a very (very) close version of Instagram. A way for her to escape from her bleak everyday life. You spend hours scrolling through posts and often get lost in the depths of the app. The social network, in particular, allows her to keep tabs on Chloe, her childhood friend who has lost her sight for years and for whom life seems to be smiling with all her teeth. Yes, but now, one day, Chloe committed suicide. When Becky learns this on social networks, advertising has the effect of a bombshell. How could this young woman who had everything to be happy commit suicide? Even more disturbing is that Chloe tried to call Becky twice, the night she jumped off a cliff. Why was she calling him after years of radio silence?

Confused and bereaved Becky decides to investigate, in her own way, the untimely death of her former best friend. Therefore, you will do what you do best: pretend to be someone else. Little by little, Becky, renamed Sasha, will enter Chloe’s private circle and try to discover the causes of her death.

oscillates between excitement and psychological excitement, renal It is an outstanding series. The concept of the series has everything to please those who love investigations. Over the course of the episodes, we were surprised to hold our breath. Becky/Sasha is playing a dangerous game and there is no indication that it will end well for her. We are thrilled to unravel the mysterious threads of Chloe’s death one by one. If everything seemed perfect in his life, it was only superficial.

If we realize some lengths and possibilities, the scenario renal hold up well. We leave ourselves stuck in a mystery that makes us shudder. Lies pile up and we worry too.

fair distribution

But what is a good show without good acting? This is Irene Doherty, the excellent Princess Anne the crown, which carries the series almost alone. She is quite compelling as this young woman who is lost in her life who clings to the happiness she once shared with her friend Chloe and who regularly invents lives, names and characters. The role fits him like a glove. Without putting Becky Green on base or justifying some of these actions, the accuracy of Erin Doherty’s interpretation makes it possible to understand the hero’s agony.

All the same, supporting roles renal Is also very good. Billy Howell (Serpent) in the role of a humble widower who perfects his score while Poppy Gilbert (do not go far) lends her features to Chloe Fairborn all over.

Achievement at the top

Behind the cameras and writing renal, we find Alice Sebright. If her name means nothing to you, the director and screenwriter nonetheless has a great series on her list. In fact, I worked on a few episodes of sex education.

renal It does a great job of capturing an exotic and heavy atmosphere. We wander the streets of Bristol and we can almost smell the salty sea. The gap between Beck Green’s life, in a sad house on the coast, and the house that Kascha created to rub Chloe’s posh friends is very well written. They do not come from the same world.

We also appreciate the strong female presence that doesn’t necessarily fall into clichés. It’s not a big deal, but I might as well point it out.

One can regret that the series has only six episodes but perhaps no worse. With limited time, the thrill ended up taking us completely by the throat, until everything sped up for the bottom line. If the series can’t have a sequel and we won’t be bruised, the door will still be open for a second season. But maybe we should change the name of the series…

renal It’s one of those good surprises, which we discovered by chance while wandering the streaming platform, even though Prime Video chose not to highlight it. why ? remains a mystery. If we decry some inconsistencies or hurried passages to be able to complete everything in time, renal This is a series that should appeal to people who love puzzles. We agree that this is not the century series. But it is a series that deserves more attention. To witness the magic of the British accent at VOSTFR, this is self-evident.

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