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Juliette Binoche presents Anna Gutto’s “Paradise Highway”

Recognized worldwide as a gallery and place of exchange about cinema, the Locarno Festival has, since 1946, been a free platform for reflection between major cultural, social and political currents.

In order to preserve the precious heritage of its history, as well as the ideas and personalities that animated it, four major Swiss cultural institutions – the Festival, the Cinémathèque suisse, the RSI (Radiotelevisione svizzera) and the USI (Università della Svizzera italiana) – signed a letter on Thursday August 4 Shared Intent aims to protect and promote event archives.

It will be transferred to the Center for Research and Archiving and the Cinémathèque suisse in Penthaz, in the canton of Vaud, which will take over the stage of cataloging, identifying and digitizing the documents.

The signatories will present their own skills and then propose special projects aimed at transforming these resources into living matter with which the past and the future can be brought into dialogue, nurturing the present from a free and democratic perspective.

Representatives of the four institutions uniting to protect and promote the archives of the Locarno Film Festival. [MassimoPedrazzini – Festival du Film de Locarno]

Marco Solari, President of the Locarno Film Festival, said: “For 75 years, this event has succeeded, thanks to its organizers, in making cinema an essential tool for deciphering reality, overcoming cultural and political barriers, and bringing to light these figures who built the history of the seventh art and thought. This richness constitutes A heritage that must be protected and strengthened in the future.”

“Je connais de l’intérieur et en profondeur la valeur du festival et de ses archives, qui offrent un témoignage précieux de la vie culturelle, sociale, politique et économique de notre pays et de son rapport au monde, indique pour sare Maire Fréd” , directeur de la Cinémathèque suisse. “Locarno fut par exemple le premier festival in révéler, à travers leurs films, Les Mouuvements de Rebellion naissante des jeunes cinéastes hongrois, tchécoslovaques et salami ouar ent le Abbasenéau séré and other things. I am pleased that our Foundation, founded in 1948 and a Locarno partner since the 1950s, can host these archives. And that these parts of history and memory can best be preserved, and above all rediscovered and presented to all.”

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