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Top Gun: Maverick broke the record 662 (and brought down the Titanic)

Top Gun: Maverick She reached a new level in her career at the US box office. Joseph Kosinski’s movie should be better than the famous movie Titanic.

We often talk about James Cameron As the global box office king, since monopolizing two of the top three places in the global box office. Moreover, we remember that before the end of the 2000s, he was the master there thanks to his most famous love story in cinema history… until he killed his own recordings. symbol picturethen it is bypassed Avengers: Endgame. Dollar bulldozer from MCU.

whatever, Titanic It remains one of the greatest successes in the history of cinema, and Top Gun: Maverick It does slightly better on a certain scale at the box office.

Tom Cruise in Iceberg Mode

This indicator is the domestic box office, which aggregates the results of each film in cinemas in the United States and Canada. In 1997, Titanic It collected just over $659 million, making it the seventh highest grossing North American movie to date (before it Star Wars VII And five of the highest-grossing films in the MCU…we’ll let you guess which ones).

Top Gun: Maverick Meanwhile, it is expected to raise about $6.7 million this weekend from August 8, after 11 weeks of operation. In other words, this means that the movie should have produced over 662 million by the end of the week, which is over 3 million Titanic. Another record breaking for King Tom Cruise, This wonderful beast of American cinema.

Top Gun: Maverick: The Picture, Tom CruiseThe data is fine, captain

If we are to pick, we can still point to two small shadows on the board that put this result into perspective. The first is that Titanic In theaters at the beginning of 2023, in a modified version. Enough to earn a few hundred extra millions for sure.

The second is that this indicator is purely numerical and does not take inflation into account. The ticket price today is double what it was in 1997, Top Gun: Maverick Definitely sold out far less tickets than Titanic. Box Office Mojo It makes a comparison as well as correcting inflation and the judgment is simple. Referring to the average ticket price for 2020 (latest available figures – $9.37), Better It reportedly sold approximately 70.6 million tickets in North America. In 1997, when the average ticket price was $4.59, Titanic sold more than 135.5 million tickets.

Titanic: photoAre Cameron records sinking?

However, this new level is welcome: on average, 60% of ticket sales go to a movie’s production, when that ticket is sold in North America (according to Music portal). This percentage ranges from 20-40% when selling the ticket abroad. As for the film’s profitability, demolishing this new level is great news.

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