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[J2] Girondins4Ever Tops Flops After Rodez-Bordeaux – Girondins4Ever

(Photo by Alexandre Demo / FEP / Icon Sport) – Photo by Icon sport

Five players got a score of 7/10 in this meeting and thus will be the tops. 2 players own 5/10 (Josh Maja and others Logan Delaurier Shoppe) and it could have been less. But in front of the group show, we didn’t want to point the finger at them.


Gaëtan Poussin (7/10) : Imagine being told that you’re back in 2nd, and then a few hours later finally No. 1 because we can’t agree to your opponent’s contract…All this while staying true to everything that happened last season, but also a clean sheet on the first championship day.. Life is tough sometimes. Despite these misbehaviors, Gaëtan Poussin responded by providing a second clean sheet for his favorite club: a good run with both fists (17)The tenth), a nice repelling shot (19 .)The tenth), another good walk in gloves (27The tenth) …and no mistake in the foot on the contrary even it was very accurate. Really encouraging part.

Jack Ikumi (7/10) : The new pro player does more than replace Vital N’Simba in the left lane. The soon-to-be Gabon international will be credited with numerous promotions, punctuated by great passes at the time, and at the end of the match with two crucial tackles as the last defender (81).The tenth et 83The tenth).

Danilo Ignatenko (7/10) : Select the speed and open the meeting from 4The tenth Minutes of play, a complex angle shot, into the near column. Strike full of strength, aggression and joy he shares with his coach and the whole group. A player who will benefit us greatly this season, embodying everything we love.

Francierge (7/10) : We don’t know if it’s Ligue 2 that makes him better, puts him a little higher, or finally gains acclimation… but as declared by his coach, Fransérgio did great things in animation at Bordeaux, even becoming a crucial player in the second goal. , while causing a second yellow card synonymous with red for Rodez. whole part.

Dylan Bakwa (7/10) : Those who remember his matches with the reserve, or even his participations last season in the French League, necessarily say that in the first two games of the season he matured. Girondin’s second goal, his first as a professional, the Bordeaux winger seems safer in his attacking options, and he succeeds in a lot of what he does. In addition, he does not skimp on defensive efforts, so well done.

why flops

no one


Busin: 7
Ekomié: 7
Gregersen: 6
Light: 6
collection: 6
Lako: 6
Francis: 7
Ignatenko: 7
They were: 7
Delaurier-Chaubet: 5
House: 5

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