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This famous Central Park restaurant will close due to inflation – Le Figaro

In a notice sent to New York City, the manager announced his decision to close the store by October 16.

Would you like to have lunch near the famous Loab Boathouse, located on the eastern shore of Central Park Lake? The project is in danger of falling apart: The organization has just announced that it will be closing its doors in the fall, leaving many clients and its 163 employees behind. What is the reason given by its owner, Dean J. Paul? Rising cost of labor and raw materials due to inflation:It is very difficult to keep (the restaurant) afloat due to its accessibility and cost of maintenance.» he told it to The New York Times.

According to the New York Daily, the city’s municipal department (the New York City Department of Parks and Parks) is looking for a buyer. If the opening of the restaurant dates back to 1954, many owners have succeeded over the years. The foundation had temporarily closed its doors in March 2020, at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, to finally reopen its doors a year later.

Appear on the big screen

If we had to go back to the post-war period for its “modern” opening, the restaurant has been around since the 19th century. The first version appeared on Earth in 1872, before undergoing a facelift in 1924, to finally experience a revival in 1954 after falling into disuse. Besides its dishes consisting of burgers, lobsters or cheesecake, The Boathouse is famous for its cinematic appearances: head crime (1962), When Harry Met Sally (1989) or even the series Sex and the City (1998). If you’re traveling to New York before fall, take advantage of your visit to set your sights there, this is an opportunity that will definitely not come again.

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