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Five Movies to Watch (Okay) Think Before Going for a Walk | Slate.fr – Slate.fr

Hiking like camping Jumping rope: can not be improvised. There are plenty of reasons why you might want to put on walking shoes and go a mile, but there’s more to walk away from this regimen that, in its undeniably soothing aspects, can create even more shivering.

The selection for the following films has absolutely no ambition to be exhaustive (aside from these parentheses, you won’t find any other mention of hikers by Philip Harrell, which doesn’t stop it being completely watchable). Look at it rather as a list of caveats: Yes, the tremor is good, but no, we should not hope that it will occur systematically in calm and sharing.

“Stop or continue”: Don’t get into a crisis

If you haven’t seen a Sophie Villier movie before, it could bestop or continue, his sixth feature film, is a little annoying. The director has already done more ridiculous things, but this movie is still full of petty quirks, unexpected situations, and intentionally neglected lines. With Emmanuelle Devos and Mathieu Amalric in the main roles, serving is absolutely delicious, as long as you are prepared to make the effort to enter it.

She is Apple. It is Peter. The couple struggles hard, despite ambiguous projects, and sessions sports At home with a strong coach and the illusion of comfort. While hiking, Pom decides that the cup is full. And she makes a radical decision: she orders Pierre to return to the matrimonial home, while she will remain in the woods while she is evaluated. The stay you make will last longer than expected, during which time you will use napkins and hold the antler.

Can we really draw conclusions from such a bizarre movie? No doubt, yes, because despite the imagination, Sophie Villier’s view of Pomme et Pierre is unfortunately realistic. Conclusion: no Rando Don’t tighten relationships. No, good equipment is not enough; Yes, sometimes breaking up is so scary that you have less courage to act on it than spending the night under the stars.

In the wilderness: division
his food

We’re definitely more on a road trip than hiking pure and simple, but all the same: Christopher McCandless, Champion to the wildHe has a backpack and walking shoes and a great desire to connect with nature. Except what others do for a few hours or a few days, he’ll do for more than three months. And who knows if, without a giant slab encountered after a hundred days, he would not extend the experiment for several years.

Tracking writer and mountaineer John Krakauer in a book McCandless’s path, a young man destined for a brilliant career in the world capitalism But who is raised to the extreme and decides to burn his identity papers in order to go live in extreme poverty (translation: dead body bus in central Alaska). Portrayed by Sean Penn, Emile Hirsch embodies this brave idealist, eager to get back to basics…but perhaps not prepared enough.

Fifteen years after the movie’s release, we allow ourselves to spoil the ending: Because he confuses two plants in his botanical guide, McCandless poisons himself by eating poisonous seeds and ends his journey in grief and pain. Evidence that it is better not to rely too much on the help of nature for sustenance, unless you have gained a sufficient degree of experience. For tea, bring your own pack of cakeShe’s less noble and ecological, but she avoids ending your life prematurely, at 24 and a half.

Antoinette in Seven: Prepare well

After an anthology scene for a school party (translated into it “Adores” from Véronique Sanson with the children for whom she was the teacher), Antoinette decided to go hiking in Cévennes for summer vacation. Like that, on a whim. Or roughly: Angry at the father of a student with whom she has a fiery relationship but who doesn’t seem determined to leave his wife for her, she decides to follow him. Simply.

The problem is that the man in question is not left to bask in the bean on the beach. Between the south of the Massif Central and the deep Cévennes, he prepares to walk with his wife and child the Stevenson Trail, named after an author The strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hydewho made this trip in 1879 and drew the appropriate title Travel with a donkey in Cévennes. Thus Antoinette finds herself on the road with her ill-fitting shoes and a donkey named Patrick, who turns out to be more capricious than he was told.

The ordeal is absolute: Antoinette is feeling lonely, walking is going poorly, and the man she’s after is clearly not worthy of it. Why put yourself in such trouble, and risk breaking your ankle and spoiling your summer, to follow someone? Don’t follow people, that’s bad, wear good shoes, it’s important, and don’t walk unless you feel it’s likely to be good for you.

balance sheetAntoinette in Seven She will not be too negative for her heroine, because it is cinema. The rest of the time, the journey that you do not want to take and for which you are not prepared is unlikely to end in a positive way.

“Killer Getaway”: Avoid Bad Encounters

This is a honeymoon story that doesn’t go as planned. in this movie Available on Netflix (But it was first released on VOD in 2016 under the title Perfect Getaway), played by a couple Steve Zang (Yes, you know him) and Jovovich Mile Leaves to cross the beaches of Hawaii to celebrate her marriage. He meets another couple, and then another, before the first newspaper articles fall: two newlyweds were killed not far from there and their killers are still on the run.

Hiking, a bivouac, it’s all so much fun when you’re thirsty for adventure, as apparently with the characters in David Twohy (co-screenwriter of the fast evaporation Harrison Ford’s version and creator of Riddick’s character, played by Vin Diesel in very black and its accessories). Except that the fun quickly gives way to goosebumps: there is every reason to believe that the perpetrators are part of this few American tourists.

Conclusion 1: If you really want to celebrate your new love and last marriage, why start making friends with gossip and annoying strangers? Conclusion Two: We miss thrillers with final twists, and even if it’s onefatal escape It’s the least exploding on Earth, it’s a pleasure to see so much of the kind of cheery throwback it’s now becoming a rarity.

“Old Joy”: Choosing the right person

This is not his first work (there was previously an unpublished grass riverdating back to 1994 and released briefly in theaters in 2019), but old joy It was clearly the movie that made Kelly Richart known, a highly prized filmmaker that remains relatively secret to this day. However, these famous Michelle Williams interpreters have turned (Wendy and LucyJesse Eisenberg (night movements) or, Last but not leastKristen Stewart (some women).

old joyIt’s just the story of two old friends (can we call them “friends”?) who go on a weekend adventure together. They walk and sit by the fire, sharing their vision of life together, increasingly divergent since one turned to the so-called lifeAdult (Couple, future child) while the other remained in the world of dreams and innocence – which is exactly his right.

Their physical proximity is only matched by their spiritual distance, which is heartbreaking. This, however, does not prevent old joy To be a soft, delicate and often soothing film. Because when they’re not out for a walk, the two guys play Daniel London and folk singer Will Oldham (Nickname: Bonnie Prince Billy) Take advantage of nature and the surrounding air.

Best moment: when they immerse themselves in steamy water, in the middle of the forest, for a thermal bath that invigorates the body as well as the soul. Both of these people may not have been the friend the other would dream of to live such a moment, but fortunately that doesn’t change the grace of this shared experience.

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