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Welcome to Marly-Gomont: Was the movie really shot in Marly-Gomont? – Telstar

Ten years after the song for which Kamini became famous, “Welcome to Marly-Gomont” was released in theaters. With the singer in the lead role. But was the movie filmed in the small village of Aisen? The answer is to continue.

In the heat wave on Sunday, TF1 decided to give a breath of fresh air to its viewers. On August 7, the first French television channel will honor the film “Welcome to Marly Gaumont”. This prime-time comedy, released ten years after the success of singer Kamini, deals with this utterly deserted hamlet in the heart of the Aisne region.

This song tells about the childhood of the singer, who lived for many years in the countryside. The residents, who had never seen blacks in their lives before, would first reject the family before getting to know them and breaking their prejudices. The film, while centered around her parents’ story, is an autobiographical account of Kamini. The latter also plays his own role in the film directed by Julian Rambaldi.

Welcome to Marly-Gomont… Filmed in Belgium!

Kamini, very involved in the project, also co-wrote the film for a long time. At first, the singer wanted to make him a stage comedy like The Prince of Bel-Air, but his father’s death decided to change his view of making a feature film. Kameni was keen to show that a black man could succeed in France in a field other than football or show business and his father’s story seemed to him. A role model for young people with immigrant backgrounds. So much for the topo of this comedy.

But the question everyone logically asks is this: Was the movie really shot in the village of Marly-Gaumont? Well, the answer is no. Welcome to Marly-Gomont Filmed in Belgium, in Steenkerque, a village between Brussels and Valenciennes of the same dimensions as the original small town of Kameni. The film was shot in August and September 2015. A huge disappointment.

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