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Toulouse: Malik attacks his dog with an ax and makes her experience a horror

Dog owner Liam dragged her into a forest in Haute-Garonne and fought hard with an axe. Leave the animal to die.

She had experienced a real ordeal with her master. Liam, a mastiff, boxer and cross-staff dog, narrowly escaped death on Saturday morning, around 6 a.m., near Beaufortville, an area east of Toulouse. In extreme excitement, the animal’s owner told anyone who would listen that he wanted to “get rid” of his dog.

On Saturday, he did a very violent act. Early in the morning he took her to the woods. Armed with an axe, he struck her in the skull and muzzle several times and left her for dead before leaving.

But Liam’s instinct to survive allowed her, despite her serious injuries, to take refuge in a nearby barn where she was picked up and taken to a vet.

annoying diagnosis

The latter presented a disturbing diagnosis. The dog had a fracture of the bones of the skull and sinuses. She had several wounds on her body. Between life and death, Liam underwent surgery on the spot. successfully.

The Association of Les 4 pattounes, through its president, Céline Gardel, has filed a complaint “for abuse and cruelty” towards an animal.

The owner faces three years in prison and a fine of 45,000 euros.

The association, backed by Future For Them and Don La Bat, is calling for the animal to be confiscated. A cat has opened up online to help cover Liam’s care.

For his part, the perpetrator of the violence was admitted to the psychiatric emergency room. The gendarmes in Castanet are responsible for the file.


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