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consumption. Potatoes and milk … The following foods that can be affected … – Le Bien Public

France records a “historic” drought, in the words of Elizabeth Bourne. This has consequences for food as it undermines many crops. A phenomenon added to the war in Ukraine, already responsible for the lack of certain products on the shelves of our supermarkets, such as mustard oil or sunflower oil.

In the coming months, many products may be lost. We are evaluating.


This Friday is a day franceinfoThe head of the Economic Committee of the National Federation of Farmers’ Unions warned of “a possible shortage of milk in the coming months”. because of ? The lack of food for meadow animals is associated with the drying out of the soil. “To make milk, you need fodder, especially alfalfa and corn, which have grown quite a bit this year,” said Yannick Vialep, head of the FNSEA Economic Committee. The FNSEA says it is “deeply concerned about the ability of many breeders to be able to feed their flocks throughout the winter of 2022-2023”.


Potatoes are very sensitive to water stress. The drier the soil, the faster the plant stops growing. danger? End with smaller potatoes. “Such large temperature shocks, frequently, give rise to legitimate concern about the volume of production, both qualitatively and quantitatively,” says the president of the National Potato Producers Union, Geoffroy de Ivry, on West of France.

However, potatoes are mainly produced in Brittany and northern France, regions that are less sensitive to drought, which may make it possible to avoid a major shortage. “We’re certainly in a climate environment that’s not ideal, but we shouldn’t be overly concerned,” estimates Christian Hoegh, scientific director of agriculture at the National Institute for Agricultural, Food and Environmental Research.


This is not a result of drought, nor of the war in Ukraine, but of this winter’s bird flu epidemic. Nearly 20 million birds have been slaughtered in France due to disease. This leads to a shortage of ducklings, which could disrupt our end-of-year celebrations and have foie gras on our plates. The Professional Committee for Palmists with Foie Gras is considering a return to normal for… the second quarter of 2023.


If you are a fan of hummus, beware. The prices of your favorite food may rise due to the upcoming shortage of hummus. The shortage is directly attributable to the war in Ukraine, since Russia and Ukraine are the main producers of this legume. Chickpea production is expected to decline by 20% this year.

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