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Facilities, parking, safety…there is better for cyclists on the coastal road – Nice Mateen

Development of coastal road cycling by the county council between Villeneuve-Loubet and Antibes: a new episode.

After roadside bike lanes in the past and a dedicated two-way bike path (in 2020), the department introduced a final version this summer including parking pockets and bollards. Use spacers to secure the small queen along the gravel.

Best in terms of safety

So how do all these beautiful people coexist between Fort Carré and Siesta?

“I knew the bike lanes on each side,” says Pierre.a local from Cagnes takes this part of the Macadamia every day by bike to go to work in Antibes. Today, the situation has clearly changed. The first thing is that I’ve met a lot of people on bikes. Before, we didn’t feel safe at all.”

Optimistic by nature, Pierre believes in a peaceful future among cyclists and motorists. And do not rely solely on these two categories of road users.

“We need more arrangements from management. Regarding parking, for example, nothing has changed. There is a detrimental effect: the intention of the motorists is good. But, on a regular basis, there is simply nowhere for motorists to park and then they leave naturally. They have to take the cycle route to get out, and this creates conflicts.

It is better to mark the parking lot

On the side of Villeneuve-Loubet, the situation is worse: “There’s more rudeness due to marine scooter renters or restaurants because people, to get to them, stop right on the bike path.”

Gino Libra, Food Truck Manager (read elsewhere)back to the chaotic parking lot: “We play the parking guards ourselves. We have no choice, otherwise people park their cars anyway because it is not well marked. We should really put up signs at the entrances and exits of parking pockets, so cyclists are careful because it can be dangerous. Also to have signs on the ground, or clear signage, that people stop where it is authorized and not where it is not. It is not. Today, there is nothing or there is not much. We prepare ourselves with plots, sometimes. And I don’t I’m even talking about people stumbling during the maneuver. Just three more this morning…”

Soon new paint

Jean-Pierre Dermette, mayor of Biot and county councilor, is less alarming.

“With regard to the development of this section of the road for a distance of more than four kilometres, there has been the will of the Chief of the Department, Charles-Ange Genesee, in the framework of his policy of Green Deal (1), To create this space you enter the Eurovélo8 . track (2). We started this development with plastic bowling but it was often crossed by cars. So we installed this fender to protect the cyclists.”

Obviously not enough for some, what about the next phase of this enduring project?

“This is an important development in the field of bicycle safety. There have been many accidents in the past. We had to maintain access for those who wanted to go to the sea. We cannot deprive them of this possibility. Standing by the sea, especially in the middle of summer. But we have tried to embody this The entrances are as far as possible in front of the parking pockets. There will necessarily be time to adapt, especially in the middle of summer. We will continue to add improvements as they become available.”

It is even better that, this fall, it is planned to resume the surface of the track, which has slightly deteriorated over time. “To improve the comfort of cyclists”concludes department advisor.

1. The county council mentions on its website the implementation of the measures “In terms of sustainable development, which will allow us to preserve the exceptional environment that the Alpes-Maritimes provides” and others “To make our department a leader in terms of environmental transformation.”

2. Eurovélo8, with a length of 5900 km, should connect Cadiz in Spain, Athens, Greece and even Cyprus via the Cote d’Azur.

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