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Ramsey avoids first defeat in Nice against a promising TFC team! – Debriefing and player feedback (TFC 1-1 Nice) – Maxifoot

A quarter of an hour after the end, Nice snatched a draw in Toulouse Park (1-1) this Sunday during the first day of the French League. And the scorers, Tolosan Dalanga and Neuss Ramsay, did not miss their debut. in L1.

Ramsey scored his first L1 goal

This is called influencing your new team. In his Niois debut, rookie Ramsay allowed Nice to snatch the point from Toulouse’s (1-1) draw this Sunday during the first day of the Ligue 1 championship. One minute to score his first goal in the French championship.

Dbuts en L1 russis pour Dallinga

For his return to L1, TFC did more than resist in the gym and was even equal from the kickoff with his opponent. In the face of uninspired Niois, Toulouse benefited even thanks to rookie Dallinga. Two minutes after finding the post, the Dutch striker made use of the caviar of Van den Boomen, the best passer of the second season L2, to take a lead over Dante in the area and score from the left (1-0, 20). Amid the crowd, Dalinga could have made a two-way break without saving Todibo.

At the back, Nice reacted and finally proved dangerous in front of Dobb’s goal after half an hour of play, and after scoring a small number in the Toulouse area, Stings found the bar. Then the Dutch winger stood up again and found Al-Quwairi, whose header in front of the goal was Allen, to deceive the opposing goalkeeper. Finally, Violet stayed well in place and no longer worried until the players returned to the locker room in the first half.

Ramsey dj dcisif pour Nice!

After the break, OGCN failed to pack the game. It was even TFC that kept their footing on the ball during the first quarter of the hour. After an hour of playing, Aiglons finally regained control of the skin but it was necessary to wait for Ramsey, who arrived for free this summer, to see the score develop. In the first ball, a minute after his arrival, the former Juventus Turin player equalized a shot under the crossbar (1-1, 78). The Welshman didn’t miss his L1 debut! Toulouse struggled physically at the end of the match, but Nice did not know how to take advantage of it before the final whistle. For a long time not very impressive, the gym will be satisfied with it.

Match result: 6.5/10

A lively first period thanks to Toulouse’s unrestricted return to the French Ligue 1. Act Two took a little longer to start, but the changes from Niois gave a little more tempo to the re-launched meeting with the Ramsay equation. A very enjoyable part.

Objectives :

– On a long ball from Van den Bomen from the left, Dalinga leads Dante in the area to score from the leg (1-0, 20).

– Ibrahimi shoots inside the area and passes a low cross to the ground in the direction of Ramzi, who takes over without control from the right and sends the ball under the crossbar (1-1, 78).

Players’ Notes

Maxifoot assigned a score (out of 10) to each player’s comments.

Man of the Match: Thys Dalinga (7/10)

The new Toulouse striker did not miss his French debut. The Dutchman made the defenders of Toulouse suffer greatly from his clever calls and constant activity. Two minutes after posting, he scored his first L1 goal and could have scored twice without saving Todibo. Very good first! Replace the number 79 with Reese Healy (not not).

Toulouse :

Maxime Dube (5): After half an hour of calm, the Toulouse goalkeeper was saved from the crossbar with a shot from Stings. In the second half he made a good walk at Thuram’s feet but had to bend over to Ramsey’s unstoppable kick.

Mikkel Desler (6.5): The right side of the TFC had impressive action in its lane. Defensively, he won many duels and scratched a lot of balls. Offensively, he constantly offered solutions to merge with his partners. With more technical precision, he could make a name for himself at L1 this season. Replace the number 79 with Five Biacolo (non-no).

Rasmus Nikolaissen (6): The Toulouse defender had a serious performance. He answered present in duels with Niois strikers throughout the match.

Anthony Rouault (6.5): Good match for Toulouse defender. In addition to valuable defensive tackles, he was inspiring in his increases, such as a fine pass for Dalga who then found Bulka’s position.

Isaiaga Sylla (5): The Toulouse left-back defended well for an hour in his lane, while making regular calls. Then he struggled physically and let Brahimi slip away from Niwaz’s equalizer.

Branco Van Den Boomen (7): The best passer of the last L2 season already hit on his first L1 match. It serves Dalinga perfectly in the region at the opening of the result of Toulouse. With 3 key passes, he made his vision of the game speak again on Sunday.

Stijn Spierings (6): Effective in recovery, the defensive midfielder has filled in the gaps and generated many valuable returns. He could have scored if he had better controlled his shot from a corner when he was completely unmarked in the Nioise area.

Nathan Ngomo (6): Toulouse right wing injured Bard. His calls and speed hit the left side hard in his lane. His combinations with the Desler were interesting.

Fares Chabi (5.5): Revealed Toulouse’s summer preparations showed good things. So available, he had great inspiration to move Nioise’s defence. Replace the 69 with Dennis Genro (not so).

Raphael Rato (5): The Toulouse winger has been less successful than his attacking partners. Lots of availability and interesting calls, but he lacked precision on the last pass to be decisive. Replace the 66 with Zakaria Abu Khalil (Not not).

Thijs Dallinga (7): Read the comment above.

Nice :

Marcin Bulka (4): Two minutes after being blocked by his position in a confrontation with Dalinga, the Newa goalkeeper was hit from close range by the Toulouse striker. Behind him, he holed up perfectly for a walk outside his zone and narrowly avoided the red card. Fortunately, Todibo was vigilant behind him.

Jordan Lutumba (5): The right side played a good defensive match. He was having much less difficulty than his left-handed counterpart, cool, and expected himself many times to offer solutions to his partners at his side.

Jean-Claire Todibo (7): The gym’s center back was a lot quieter than his captain. He composed several important interventions, in particular preventing Dalinga from scoring two goals by pushing a header from Toulouse back in front of the goal that was abandoned by Bulka.

Dante (4): The Nice captain appeared with great difficulty in this segment. He had a lot of trouble perfecting Dalinga’s moves, which he beat to open the scoring.

Melvin Bard (3): The left-back from Niwa went through an ordeal in his lane. He struggled hard against Ngomo and Dessler. He covers Dalinga on the event that brought him the position of Toulouse striker in the first period.

Calvin Stings (6): After a disappointing first season in Nice, the Dutch winger has things to forgive. He was Neuss’ most exciting striker in the first period. He found the crossbar in a volley in the area, then sent a good cross to Qweri who I saw wasn’t strong enough. Replace the 77 with Aaron Ramsey (not so)which appears a minute later for Nice!

Pablo Paulino Rosario (4): The OGCN midfielder struggled against the Toulouse midfielders. He was a little underweight in his recovery and lost a few balls in attempts to break through in midfield. Replace the 63 with Mario Lemina (no)which made a greater impact and proved valuable in their transfers.

Khafrin Thuram (6): Niwa’s best midfield. He made several initiatives to break the ball lines at the foot and comes to support his attackers in the Toulouse region. He stumbled on Dobb in the second half after a good break and two runs with Guerry.

Alexis Becca Beca (4): Newbie’s first sober debut. The midfielder did not weigh much in this encounter. replace 64 with Rare Ilie (not so).

Andy Delort (4): The gym attacker’s heart didn’t shine. Well mastered by the Toulouse defenders, the Niwa striker did not succeed in his rare chances. Like his free kick, the entrance area was completely flat with a shot that was too coarse and off the frame.

Amin Al-Quwairi (4): The Niwa striker should do a better job of reassurance after the second half of last season. He had quite a few chances, including a shot from the post and a header that wasn’t strong enough, but his offensive effect remained very limited. replace 70 with Bilal Al-Ibrahimi (Not No)A crucial pass for Ramsey.

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Toulouse 1-1 nice (mile tps: 1-0) – France – Ligue 1 / Day 1
Venue: Toulouse Stadium – Toulouse – Referee: Johann Hummel – France

but : T. Dallinga (20th) by TOULOUSE – A. Ramsey (78th) by NICE
Warnings : K. Kebin (86 A.H.)for TOULOUSE – with me. Rosario (63 AH)And the Dante (65e)FOR NICE

Toulouse : M DobA. RouaultAnd the R NikolainenM. Dessler (R. Healy, 79 AD)And the first silaS SpringsAnd the B. van den BoomenF. ChabiN. N’GoumouAnd the Raphael Rato (Z. Abu Khalil, 66 A.H.)T. Dallinga (D. Genreau, 79e)

Nice : Mother. polkaTodiboAnd the DanteJ. LutumbaAnd the M. coolPica pica (R. Ilie, 64e)And the Father Rosario (M. Lemina, 63e)And the K. Thuram-Ulienbad. Stings (A. Ramsey, 77e)And the a. DelortAnd the A. Qweri (B. Al-Ibrahimi, 70 A.H.)

Dalinga scored his first L1 goal (1-0, 20)

Ramsey copied him to equalize (1-1, 78)

Toulouse fans have responded to TFC’s return to L1

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