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Thousands of spider crabs frighten holidaymakers at a UK seaside resort – The Half Post

HUM Images / HUM Images / Universal Images Grou Spider crabs have reached Antarctic waters. (Photo: HUM Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

HUM Images / HUM Images / Universal Images Grou

(Illustration of spider crabs. By HUM Images / Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Animals – a terrifying vision. Vacationers of the seaside resort in Cornwall It was a nasty surprise when I got into the water in recent days. What they took to the rocks everywhere under the water turned out to be thousands of spider crabs.

sis oysters I converged on the shores of the Corniche because of Sea temperatures rise In recent weeks, he explained Saturday, August 6, Sky NewsWho shared a video of the phenomenon on Twitter.

From the nature of migration, they settled in the shallow waters of St Ives, to take shelter while shedding their shells. This is before returning to depths of up to 90 metres.

and lo Sky News He specifies that these sea spiders are poisonous from their bites, in fact they are only to their prey and remain harmless to humans. What cools all the same swimmers and scares more than one.

« Many tourists were screaming when they saw them.”

Marine photographer Kate Lowe managed to snap a picture of this crustacean in disarray. ” I dive most days of the year but I’ve never seen crabs this many before. When we got to the beach there seemed to be a lot of dark rocks under the surface but it turned out that there were thousands of crabs two or three feet high in the water ‘, she explains, quoted by guardian.

And to add: It was really amazing. I managed to float on top of them and tried not to step on them. Many tourists were screaming at the sight of them. Their shells were floating around ».

It is said that these wonderful gatherings are increasingly frequent in the summer due to the rising sea temperatures associated with the climate crisis.

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