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game news PS4: The 7 Must-Watch Games in August 2022

The PlayStation 4 is nearing the end of its cycle, but rest assured: there will still be some nice surprises in 2022, some of which will come out in August. Without further ado, here is a selection of the more interesting apps in the coming weeks: you just have to make your choice. A beautiful life.


  • Two Point Campus
  • Pregnancy worship
  • Rolldrum
  • Saints row
  • F1 Manager 2022
  • Soul Pirates 2
  • Legend of Heroes: Paths from Zero

Two Point Campus

The Two Point saga is starting to have a nice backdrop in the middle of management games and the last episode, Two Point Hospital, was a real good show for it. Therefore, fans of the genre will be delighted to know the return of the saga with Two Point Campus which, as its name suggests, asks us this time To run a university by developing it to its fullest, making our students the best…and by making a profit. Beyond its well-crafted mechanics, the title published by SEGA is based on a strange and funny world full of dark or silly humor that often hits the mark. We’re sure it’s going to be a solid bet, so keep an eye out for the app you’re looking to try out this style.

Pre-order Two Point Campus on PS4 for €29.99 instead of €39.99

Pregnancy worship

PS4: The 7 Must-Watch Games in August 2022

When Devolver Digital announces a new title, one should always watch it carefully, and Cult of the Lamb is certainly no exception to this tradition: it is even one of the most exciting games of the moment. This production designed by Massive Monster puts us in the shoes of a sheep rescued by a mysterious person from the slaughterhouse: As you are enlightened, you will form your sect and attract as many followers as possible, while facing the false prophets who stand in your way. WTF Stadium in particular, yes, but great atmosphere and artistic direction appeal to this roguelite and dungeon-crawler that makes a lot of noise. It’s also a lot compared to hooking up with Isaac, which obviously doesn’t bother us, let’s face it.


PS4: The 7 Must-Watch Games in August 2022

Announced just a few months ago, RollerDrome is a brand new project from the talented Roll7 studio, based in England known for being behind the excellent OlliOlli skate games. This time around, the British are upping their paces by choosing 3D, with wrinkles still…but also with guns and slow-motion shooting. Therefore, the principle is very interesting, on paper, because we are talking about facing enemies in arenas with a sequence of tricks and shooting in the head, all with plenty of time and in a very colorful artistic direction. The unlikely combination of Max Payne and Jet Set Radio necessarily piques our curiosity and we won’t fail to test it when it’s released, exclusively on PlayStation and PC.

Saints row

PS4: The 7 Must-Watch Games in August 2022

After four episodes with increasingly implausible concepts, it became difficult for the Saints Row saga to continue along the same paths, and so Vollition had to choose (moreover logically) the all-too-familiar lane for the reboot. Here comes Saints Row, the revival of the saga still similar to GTA, but this time in a brand new Las Vegas-inspired setting called Santo Ileso. For the rest, we’re on familiar ground: We have to create Our Boss thanks to a very permissive character editor and grow our gang of saints while crushing the competition. Time and time again, the adventure promises to be very disrespectful, often comical, but with one word: fun in a totally insane sandbox game.

Pre-order Saints Row for €49.99 instead of €69.99 on PS4 at Amazon

F1 Manager 2022

PS4: The 7 Must-Watch Games in August 2022

The “management” simulator is very popular, and if the famous Football Manager remains, for many, a reference, then we must not forget about the F1 Manager 2022, which pays tribute to motorsports. That is why we find ourselves at the helm of the Formula 1 team in this advanced program developed by Frontier in partnership with the FIA: The player will have to take care of all aspects of the company, from single-seat development to factories, not forgetting about contract pilots or different budgets. Races will also be important, with the right strategy to approach in order to win the famous championship. In short, something you enjoy when you’re a fan of discipline, a huge life in support.

Pre-order F1 Manager 2022 at €54.99 on PS4 at Amazon

Soul Pirates 2

PS4: The 7 Must-Watch Games in August 2022

Soul Hackers 2 is a somewhat unlikely sequel as it continues the story of its predecessor Devil Summoner, released twenty-five years ago on Saturn, and then on the first PlayStation. Suffice it to say that Atlus has a real legacy here: This type of typical Japanese RPG implanted in the Megami Tensei series should please fans of the series (and as far as we can say there are a few), allowing them to find “Cyberpunk and Dangerous Japan”. In particular, we will go to the side of the Aion agents, who aim to “decode fate” in an attempt to save the world from the apocalypse. Program loaded and in turn, let’s do well to identify it.

Pre-order Soul Hackers 2 for €59.99 on PS4 at Amazon

Legend of Heroes: Paths from Zero

PS4: The 7 Must-Watch Games in August 2022

The Legend of Heroes is a story already well known to Japanese RPG fans and will soon include a “new” episode with the beautiful subtitle of Trails from Zero. The setting will be set a year after the events of Trails in the Sky and revolve around Crossbel and Lloyd Bannings, who has just become a detective. Note that this is a very Japanese turn-based RPG, originally released in 2010 on PSP, that will provide the occasion with a nice polish. A deluxe edition is also planned, which will include the soundtrack in non-physical form as well as an illustrated mini-book.

Pre-order The Legend of Heroes Trails by Zero for €49.99 on PS4 at Amazon

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