The Impact of Flirty Chatbots on Real-Life Dates: Exploring the Use of AI in Dating Apps


The rise of chatbots like ChatGPT has revolutionized the way people interact on dating apps, enabling users to enhance their flirting skills and engage in more captivating conversations. However, what happens when these digital interactions transition into real-life dates? This article delves into the experiences of individuals who have employed chatbots such as YourMove and RIZZ to explore the implications of AI-assisted flirting in the context of offline dating.

Using AI to Flirt and Apologize:

Utilizing YourMove, a UK user found the suggestions generated by the chatbot to be surprisingly effective when chatting with his Hinge match. However, during their subsequent in-person date, he discovered that his match had been using ChatGPT to converse with him, leading to a realization of the mirrored behavior and a mutual sense of unease. Similarly, a 23-year-old in South Africa employed ChatGPT to craft an apology message for a woman he had previously dated. The chatbot provided a nearly perfect draft, requiring only minor personalization. Although the apology was accepted and a second date ensued, the relationship fizzled out before the topic of AI assistance arose.

Can AI-Generated Flirting Translate into Successful Real-Life Dates?

According to Dmitri Mirakyan, the founder of YourMove, the users of AI flirting tools can be broadly categorized into three groups: introverts and those with low social energy, individuals who struggle with flirting, and people new to a specific culture or language. For those in the third group, the disparity between AI-generated messages and in-person conversations may be more noticeable. However, Mirakyan asserts that introverts and those with low social energy, who form a significant demographic of users, experience no negative effects on their dates. They are able to bypass the initial texting phase and proceed directly to face-to-face interactions. Users who initially struggle with flirting have reported feeling more confident and open after using AI chatbots, leading to better dates. Mirakyan believes that most individuals possess innate charisma that can be projected in person, making the text-based rapport-building phase a challenging task for anyone.

The Role of RIZZ in Stimulating Conversations:

Roman Khaves, co-founder of RIZZ, explains that their AI tool is commonly used for crafting opening messages that go beyond a simple “hey” on dating apps. However, users do not rely on RIZZ for every message in the conversation but rather use it as a creative stimulus. RIZZ helps initiate and maintain the flow of conversation until users become comfortable interacting with their matches. Survey responses from anonymous male RIZZ users indicate that the tool provides the necessary social frame of mind, boosting confidence and facilitating engaging conversations during dates.

Conflicted Perspectives on AI-Assisted Dating:

While AI chatbots like YourMove and RIZZ have proven effective for enhancing communication on dating apps, some users feel conflicted about their use. On one hand, individuals who struggle with texting find these tools invaluable for breaking the ice and generating interesting conversations. They appreciate the witty suggestions that help them stand out from the crowd. However, there is a stigma associated with employing AI in dating, leading some users to refrain from disclosing their use of chatbots even when their dates reveal their own reliance on AI. Furthermore, there are concerns about the disingenuous nature of using AI assistance and the potential for misinterpretation. Users worry that humorous AI responses may create false expectations of constant comedic behavior during in-person meetings, which may eventually lead to disappointment. Moreover, some individuals have experienced a lack of chemistry despite engaging in captivating conversations through chatbots, emphasizing that these tools cannot compensate for real-life compatibility.


The emergence of flirty chatbots has undeniably influenced the way people approach dating app interactions, allowing users to improve their flirting skills and engage in more stimulating conversations. While AI assistance proves beneficial for introverts, individuals with low social energy, and those struggling with flirting, concerns about authenticity, misrepresentation, and the absence of true chemistry in face-to-face meetings remain. AI chatbots serve as valuable tools for initiating conversations and boosting confidence, but they should not be relied upon as a substitute for genuine human connection and compatibility in the realm of real-life dating.

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